Jennifer Love Hewitt – Can I Go Now tab


Great song, try to play it with a reggae beat.
Any doubts, commments, etc, check the botton! 

Chords Used:
E   [0 2 2 1 0 0]
B   [x 2 4 4 4 2]
F#m [2 4 4 2 2 2]
A   [0 0 2 2 2 0]
D   [x 0 0 2 3 2]
C#m [4 4 6 6 5 4]

Play it on intro and parts |------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------| |----------Main Riff-----------------------| |------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------| |-0-0-0---7-7-9-7--2-2-2---4-5-4-5-4--... -|
INTRO: E B F#m A E B What's the point of trying to meet you in the middle F#m You got your point of view A There's nothing I can do E Can't change your mind B Can't leave it all behind F#m A You're living in the past E We talk and talk B Discuss for hours F#m About how it should be A Why is it all me E Don't wanna fight B Don't wanna waste my time F#m A Baby just can't relax B A I'm moving on, moving on Chorus: (same chords) E Can I go now B Say what you have to say F#m Happy you've got your way A There's nothing to discuss E Can I go now B Giving your point of view F#m Say what you want it too A So what's the point of love E Can I go now B Oh say what you have to say F#m Happy you've got your way A What is to discuss SAME AS 1ST PART: (E B F#m A) What's the point of trying to reach compromise When you're the only judge and jury What's the story I can't make you see that I'm not always wrong I can't make you right B It's time to move on A I'm moving on [Chorus] D C#m B A Let's go lead a day upon my banks beyond my way D C#m Sure don't needs to stay B A Well I'm not welcome anyway A Well that's alright and that's OK yeah SOLO ON: E B F#m A (E B F#m A) There's nothing left to do Maybe I'm not for you So why don't you let it go Tell me what's the point of all this Talk, talk, talk, talk We could go day and night Still wouldn't make it right CHORUS LIKED IT? SO, THANK ME NOW! Or... just talk to me! =) MSN: ICQ: 30799458
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