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From: Jan Ekeland 
Subject: I do believe - by Waylon Jennings

by Waylon Jennings
I'n my own way I'm a believer
in my own way right or wrong
I don't talk too much about it
it's something I keep working on
I don't have too much to build on
my faith has never been that strong
there's a man in that old building
he's a holy man, they say
he keeps talking about tomorrow
while I keep struggling with today
he preaches hell, fire and brimstone
and heaven seems so far away
I do believe in a higher power
one that loves us one and all
not someone to solve our problems
or to catch me when I fall
he gave us all a mind to think with
and to know what's right or wrong
he is that inner spirit
that keeps us strong
in my own way I'm a believer
but not in voices I can't hear
I belive in a loving father
one I never have to fear
that I should live life at it's fullest
just as long as I am here

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