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***************** TROUBLE MAN *****************

written by Waylon Jennings and Tony Joe White

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
	I was so ugly the doctor slapped my momma when i was born

	Then he took out his pocket knife and cut off my horns

	He said lady if you ain't already picked out a name

	Go ahead on and call him trouble man
                       B                   A
	He's gonna be wild,i'm giving you warning
                         G  B               E
	He's gotta have room,keep an eye on him

Verse 2:
	I grew up with long and lean and hungry looks

	I learned you can't go nowhere when you go by the book

	People all around me earthbound,i learned how to fly

	Upside,downside,ouside,sailing on by
                    B              A
	Out of my reach,out of my hands
                G     B         E
	Out of control,trouble man

Verse 3:
	I've been so far in all directions as you can get

	I ain't never had enough of anything yet

	I had women that tore me apart without any reason

	I say baby i don't get mad i just get even
                    B                    A
        I don't explain if you don't understand
                  G   B         E
	I'm my own man,trouble man

	Trouble man

Thanks to David M. Potter for the lyrics.
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