Jenny And Johnny - New Yorker Cartoon chords

                       NEW YORKER CARTOON - Jenny and Johnny
Tabbed by: Narcdor

Chords used:

G D Am Cmaj7 G/F# Bm Em Dadd Dpower A# Ce|--3--2--0--3-----3----2--0--3----5------6--8---|B|--3--3--1--3-----3----3--0--3----3------6--8---|G|--0--2--2--0-----0----4--0--2----2------0--0---|D|--0--0--2--2-----0----4--2--0----0------0--0---|A|--2--0--0--3-----x----2--2--0----0------5--7---|E|--3--x--0--x-----2----x--0--x----x------6--8---|
I know Dpower isn't a chord, but it's a root and fifth, so it's basically a power chord. The A# and C probably aren't A# and C either, but pretty close to in a G shape.
GI was running
DFrom imaginary vampire bats
I was shrieking at the moon
GWhile Montezuma laughed
Oh, Aztlan blues And reds and greens and golds I hope that I die When I'm 100 years old
Am DLooking like a New Yorker cartoon
Am DSleeping in a golden cocoon
G Cmaj7 GWith you
I was making love To my sister from another life I was stitching seams of my opium dreams With a needle from a camel's eye If I could give myself some advice I'd go out of my mind right now I'd stay here with my baby Forever in the here and now Looking like a New Yorker cartoon Sleeping in a golden cocoon With you With you #Instrumental break#
G G/F# Bm Em BmD Dadd Dpower Dadd
I was returning my salute To the Lieutenant paper bag And my best friend, Farmer Dave Lit me up so I could take a drag My sister's former flame Threw his shirt into the fire An aging child prodigy A genius who inspired Looking like a New Yorker cartoon Sleeping in a golden cocoon With you With you With you #Outro# G A# C G
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