Jenny And Johnny - Committed chords

Jenny & Johnny - Committed

The song is pretty simple to play, but still catchy as hell! 
The guitar strums eighth notes for the majority, and there are a lot of power chords. Go crazy!

Chord Shapes:
G#5 = (466xxx)
A5 = (577xxx)
E5 = (x799xx)
E = (0221xx)
D5 = (x577xx)

INTRO (played sometimes between verses too):

G#5 (slide) A5 E5 A5 E5


A5Committed, committed, I need to be committed
EI need to be locked away. I need a straighter jacket on my crooked frame.
A5I need to be admitted today.
(etc) CHORUS:
D5 A5 EI put my back into, put my back into my work
D5 A5 EI will receive what I, will see what I deserve.
D5It's a beautiful life
E5We lay sleeping (ahhh)
D5 E5With my beautiful wife and me
We'll hold each other closer until the end of days (Repeat verse and chorus to end of song.)
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