Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins – Big Guns chords

NOTE: Having not found any useful or accurate chords for this song, I decided it 
was time to put out my first transcription. Some think this is played in Open D 
tuning, but I think that's a pain, so this chart uses standard tuning. There are 
some weird and subtle chord changes in this song, and though I'm missing some (I'm 
not a guitarist per se) this chart should be pretty darn close. Enjoy!

D: x00232
D/F#: x04232
Bm/D: x00432
D(b5): x00132
Dsus4: x00233
G: 320033
Esus4: 022200
A: 002220 

DWell you praise him
D/F#Then you thank him
D Bm/D D D/F#Till you reach the by - and - by
D(b5)And I've won hundreds at the track
Dsus4 DBut I'm not betting on the afterlife
DThen you kiss his lips
D/F#He forgives you for it
D Bm/D D D/F#He forgives you for all you've done
D(b5)But not me
Dsus4 DI'm still an....gry
GWhat have I done?
Esus4 GWhy am I always missing...
A D The big guns?
DFirst I'll build a sword
D/F#Get some words to explain
D Bm/D D D/F#It's a plan, brother, at least
D(b5) Dsus4 DAnd I'll pretend that everybody here wants peace
DHave mercy,
D/F#Have mercy,
D Bm/D D D/F#Have mercy on me
D(b5) Dsus4 DCause we're tired and lonely and we're bloody
GWhat have we done?
Esus4Why are we still running
GFrom our own failing bodies?
A D The big guns,
The big guns.
DSing mercy,
D/F#Sing mercy,
D Bm/D D D/F#Sing mercy on me
D(b5) Dsus4 DLet's pretend that everybody here wants peace
GWhat have we done?
Esus4 GWhy are we still chasing our own tails and runnin'
A D From the big guns,
The big guns, The big guns.
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