Jens Lekman - Waiting For Kirsten chords

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Standard tuning
Capo 2

Intro: A    Asus2 A Asus4 A Asus2 A(hammer on B string) Asus2


A D A We were waiting for Kirsten, me and Joel,
F#m E D A'Cause we found out the name of her hotel,
A D AWith the folköl and an evening paper,
F#m E D AIn which she spelled out my name letter by letter.
Well, I grew up outside this city, Where the local Estrella chips factory Had paved the to your grave and to your destiny, So what can a suburban boy like me do when she mentions me Except compromise a portion of his dignity? Another club, another beer, another hour -- Squint at the clock up at the church tower. "What she's doing here, you think?" "I heard she's filming with von Trier." "Hey Klara, how's your night? Did you know about Kirsten? Have you seen her?" Bridge:
Bm She says:"Yeah she was here,
E A F#mBut she was turned away at the door."
Bm EI know, I know, I can't believe no one told her before...
A EThat in Gothenburg we don't have VIP lines.
D EIn Gothenburg, we don't make a fuss about who you are.
A EIn Gothenburg, we don't have VIP lines.
D Bm D Bm EBut then I bit my tongue, and the taste of blood was so strong.
'Cause times are changing, Kirsten: Göta Älv is slowly reversing; They turned a youth-center into a casino; They drew a swastika in your cappuccino. And the VIP lines are not to the clubs But to healthcare, apartments and jobs. "Hey buddy can I borrow five grand? 'Cause my dad's in chemo, And they wanna take him off his plan." I said, in Gothenburg, we don't have VIP lines I said, in Gothenburg, you're not worth less, and you're not worth any more. I said, in Gothenburg, we don't have VIP lines, But then I bit my tongue, and the taste of blood was so strong. Interlude: A D F#m Bm E D A E (probably wrong but thats the best I can do atm.) (duu - duu duu etc ...) Outro:
A D AAt the end of the night, me and Joel
F#m E D AWent back and sat outside her hotel
A D AAnd drank beer after beer 'til the sun came up,
F#m E D AAnd since she didn't show up, Joel said I had to man up,
F#m E D AAnd write a note of affection, and leave it in the reception.
F#m E D AAnd I wrote this confession with the lipstick from his girlfriend
D Eon the back of our receipt.
D ABut the receptionist said I was drunk and asked me to leave.
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