Jeremiah Freed - Ginger tab

Band: Jeremiah Freed
Song: "Ginger"
Tabbed By: Tiffany Elliott (

This is my first attempt at tabbing a song so it might not be perfect,
but it sounds right to me. I didn't tab out the whole thing because
that would take too long. The chords you need are there. Just play
around with them and you'll get the beat.

"Certain kinds of nights..."e|---2----2----|B|---2----4----|G|---3----4----|D|---4----4----|A|---4----2----|E|---2----2----|
"And now I know..."e|---2----4----2----2----|B|---2----4----2----2----|G|---3----6----4----3----|D|---4----6----4----4----|A|---4----4----2----4----|E|---2----4----2----2----|
"It's not out of respect..."e|---4----2----4----|B|---4----2----4----|G|---4----4----6----|D|---6----4----6----|A|---6----2----4----|E|---4----2----4----|
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