Jeremy Camp – All The Time tab

Em                D        A
You know all the time you seem so open minded
EM                D            A (let Ring)
You know how it goes it keeps going on and on again
Em           D         A
But in the end your not exactly right
Em        D          A (let ring)
till the end of the highway

Verse 1
Em                  D               A           
Well you seem real smart just wait till i catch up to you
Em       D            A
Never wanted it to be never hoped it to be 
Em            D      A
The last thing i ever said

Verse 2
Em          D           A
Everyone thought i went on and on and on
Em          D           A
I always thought id stay on stay on  stay on
Em          D           A
You always knew id be wrong be wrong be wrong
Em          D           A
she always knew id be wrooooong!!!!
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