Jeremy Camp – You Are The Lord chords

Capo 2
Verse 1
B G D You open our eyes
A B G D AAnd we see into Your kingdom
B G DThe promise of grace
A B G D AAnd You lead us into freedom
B G DWe're bound in Your love
A B G D AAnd all sin has been forgotten
B G DAt the foot of the cross
A B G D AWhere our ransom has been given
G D If God is for us who can be against us
G AWho can be against our GOD
G B ALet all your people raise their voices
G D ANow as Your glory fills this place
G B AHeaven and earth will not be silent
B A DFor You are the Lord that is Your name
B A (B)(verse chords)Yes You are the Lord that is Your name
Verse 2 You give life to us all And you breathe on us Your spirit We will walk in Your ways As a light unto the nations Pre-Chorus 2 You go before us Father you protect us Father you provide for us all Bridge
B A D/F# GYour name Oh Lord is a rushing wind
B A DYour Word is a shelter strong within
B A/C# Em7My portion and my deliverance
G AOh, Jesus Oh, Jesus
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