Jeremy Camp - Speaking Louder Than Before chords version 2

Intro: G2

Verse 1:
G2 Here now this declaration,
Em from out across the nation,
C G2 we need to wake up and understand.
G2 Many hurting hearts are crying,
Em but our voices seem to be dying,
C G2 Can you see a battle raging on?
G2We are the light to reach this world,
EmWe are the salt preserving these souls,
C D G2 Let's show'em the love that we've received now.
G2 We are, We are a desperation,
EmWe need to reach this generation,
C D G2We are speaking louder than before.
G2We are the hope that's been forgotten,
EmWe are the love that will be broadened,
C D G2We are speaking louder than before.
Verse 2:
G2 Take every chance that you can,
Em move together taking a stand,
C G2 Never losing heart we'll speak as one.
G2 We need to be the image of Christ,
Em show love and serve at all times.
C G2 We can make a difference in this land.
[Pre-chorus] [Chorus] Bridge:
C DEverything's so surreal,
Em Am7but this urgency I feel,
CWe should be reaching out to
D Am7all these desperate pleas.
C D The need is real can't you feel
Em Am7this call to revolution?
C DMy beating heart is braking for them,
FThat's why I'm speakiní now,
CThat's why I'm speakin' now
[Chorus] x2 finale:
C D Em D(We are we are) louder than before.
C D F EmWe are speaking louder than before.
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