Jeremy Camp - The Way chords

The Way by Jeremy Camp
We Cry Out: The Worship Project
Key of B minor

Transcribed by Colton Wood


Bm G A
Bm G A

[Verse 1:]

Bm G AAll creation cried out with longing
Bm G A BmWith groans only You could comprehend
Bm G AAnd with wisdom, You always answer
G A And give the words of life, so unfailing
Bm G AAnd Your glory shines all around us
Bm G A BmYour faithfulness shown for all to see
Bm G AWhen we think of all of Your wonders
Bm AThe beauty of Your plan that's been revealed
E/G# GWe walk in Your light, when we walk in it
Bm GShine, bright
ALet Your glory fill this land
Bm G ALift high, the King of Kings and great I AM
Bm G A Bm G AJe - sus, You are the way, You are the way
[Verse 2:]
Bm G A BmWe can see the works of Your loving hands
Bm G A With a hope and peace not made by man
Bm G AWhen You poured out Your grace and Your mercy
G AAnd You held out Your arms so we could see
E You bled for all mankind,
Gyou set the captives free, yeah!
Bm G Asus A Na, na, na na na na... Jesus!
Bm G Asus A Na, na, na na na na... You are the way!
Bm G Asus A Na, na, na na na na... Jesus!
Bm G A Na, na, na na na na...
[Outro:] Bm G A Bm G A Bm
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