Jeremy Camp – Speaking Louder Than Before chords ver. 3

 Speaking Louder Than Before 
(Jeremy Camp)

This is Robbys4 tab, with a chord corection: D# in place of C#

Intro: B5(guitar 2 play this solo through the first verse)
E:---------------------------|B:---------------------------| (X as many times as needed)G:-6-8-6-8-6-8-6-8-8-9-8-6---|
Verse 1:
B5 D# E5Here now this declaration, from out across the nation,
B5we need to wake up and under stand.
B5 D# E5Many hurting hearts are crying, but our voices seem to be dying,
B5Can you see a battle raging on?
B5We are the light to reach this world,
We are the salt preserving these souls, Let's show'em the love that we've received now. CHORUS:____________________________
B5We are, We are a desperation ,
D# We need to reach this generation,
E5 F#5 B5We are speaking louder than before.
B5We are the hope that's been forgotten,
D# We are the love that will be broadened,
E5 F#5We are speaking louder than before.
Verse 2:
B5 D# E5Take every chance that you can, move together taking a stand,
Never losing heart we'll speak as one.
B5 D# E5We need to be the image of Christ, show love and serve at all times.
We can make a difference in this land. (REPEAT CHORUS)_________________ BRIDGE:_____________________________ play this part during the first part of the bridge.
E:-------------|B:-------------| (X as many times as needed)
G:-4-3-4-3-6-3-| Everything's surreal, but this urgency I feel, we should be reaching out to all these desperate pleas.
B5The need is real can't you feel this call to revolution?
My beating heart is braking for them, That's why I'm speaking up, That's why I'm speakin' now. (REPEAT THE PARTS AS NEEDED) THE END
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