Jeremy Camp - Restored tab

"Restored" by: Jeremy Camp
Tuning: standard
Capo: 1

***The question marks and stars mean that, thats just anohter way to play the chord, But 
is still the way Jeremy plays it.***
     99.9% positive that it is right

Em D B Em? C Em* BmE|-10----10-----10-----7-------3-----5-------7-------2-|B|-10----10-----10-----7-------5-----7-------8-------3-|G|-0-----0------0------0-------5-----7-------9-------4-|D|-9-----0------0------x-------x-----x-------x-------x-|A|-10----x------x------7-------3-----5-------7-------2-|E|-0-----10-----7------0-------x-----x-------x-------x-|
C? D*E|-3------5-|B|-5------7-|G|-5------7-|D|-x------x-|A|-3------5-|E|-x------x-|
Verse1 Em All this time I've wandered around D Searching for the things I'll never know Em I've been searching for this answer that D Only will be found in Your love Pre-Chorus B D And I feel it my heart is being mended by Your touch B D And I hear it Your voice that's shown my purpose in this world Chorus Em? C You have restored me from my feeble and broken soul D You have restored me (2x) Verse2 Em I've only come to realize D My strength will be made perfect at Your throne Em Laying all reflections down D To see the precious beauty that You've shown Bridge Em* Bm Laying all these questions down C? D* You've answered what I need Em* Bm You've given more than I deserve C? D* You're making me complete Em* Bm You've given all these open doors C? D* I'm humbled at Your feet D* Because of what You've done for me
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