Jeremy Fisher – Sula chords

Capo 3

Riff 1:

Intro: G C G D G (Riff) Verse:
GAll the songs to sing been sung
CAll the things to do been done
G A D (slide down the G-string)You got nowhere left to go
GAll the dreams to dream been dreamed
CAll the things to see been seen
G A DGuess you better find your way back home
GDear ol' Sula
CI knew I'd lose ya
G D G RiffI ain't been waitin' for you
Verse 2 (same chords): All the things to feel been felt All the pretty roses smelled Sit back these days and get left behind All the things to touch been touched Baby grown, you've learned so much Pick a grape and turn it into wine CHORUS Verse 3: All the songs to sing been sung Can't get the honey if you don't get stung Sting a bee, sing a bird a song All the dreams to dream been dreamt In my bones you never left Ain't it bittersweet like home-sweet-home CHORUS
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