Jeremy Messersmith - Breaking Down chords

"Breaking Down" by Jeremy Messersmith

My favorite song by one of my favorite hometown musicians. 
Here is the basic progression in the original key of G. 
Not hard at all, lovely song though. Great fun to harmonize on.

Verse 1:
G C C C/BI’ve got a car that’s always stuck in the last gear.
Am DIt’s starts and it goes if you leave it alone but you can’t steer.
G C C C/BTaking it out on a Sunday drive on the back roads
Am C DAnd it waits till I’m far away from home and the sun is getting low
Chorus 2:
G C C C/BAnd wouldn’t you know it, she’s breaking down again
Am C DPulling her over onto the shoulder, letting her under my skin
Verse 2:
G C C C/BI’ve got a woman that I haven’t seen for a good year
Am DShe’s got a new job, yeah I love her a lot but she ain’t here.
G C C C/BWe’ve got a system and she’s got it all worked out
Am CBut there’s something missing that she’s forgetting that she can’t live
(Repeat Chorus) Verse 3: (repeat verse progression) I’ve got a car, it looks real good with the top down But it lost a tire and caught on fire in the last town I’ve got a girl who’s drying her eyes with a haiku So I’m hitching a ride down 35, gotta be there by afternoon (Repeat Chorus)
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