Jeremy Messersmith - A Girl A Boy And A Graveyard tab version 2

ARTIST- Jeremy Messersmith
SONG NAME-  A girl, a boy, and a graveyard
Tabbed by: Ed L	

Tuning: Standard - EADGBe
Capo- 4th 

Am   C   F   G

Am C e|--------------------------------|-----------------|B|------1-------1-------1---------|------1-------1--|G|----2-----2-------2-------------|--0-------0------|D|----2-------2-------2-----2---2-|----2-------2----|A|--0-----0-------0-------0---2---|3-------3--------|E|--------------------------------|-----------------|
F G e|---------------------------------|------------------------------:|B|-------1-------1-------1-------1-|--------0-------0-------1-0---:|G|---2-------2-------2-------2-----|----0-------0-------0---------:|D|-----3-------3-------3-------3---|------0-------0-------0-------:|A|---------------------------------|------------------------------:|E|-1-------1-------1-------1-------|--3-------3-------3-----------:|
Chorus -
Am C F C e|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------|B|-------1-------1-|-------1-------1-|-------1-------1-|-------1-------1|G|---2-------2-----|---0-------0-----|---2-------2-----|---0-------0----| D|-----2-------2---|-----2-------2---|-----3-------3---|-----2-------2--| X 2A|-0-------0-------|-3-------3-------|-----------------|-3-------2------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-1-------1-------|----------------|
Am C F e|-----------------|-----------------|----------------------------------|B|-------1-------1-|-------1-------1-|-------1-------1-------1-------1--|G|---2-------2-----|---0-------0-----|---2-------2-------2-------2------| X 2D|-----2-------2---|-----2-------2---|-----3-------3-------3-------3----|A|-0-------0-------|-3-------3-------|----------------------------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-1-------1-------1-------1--------|
A C F G Lucy takes the long way home A C F G Meets me in a field of stone A C F G She says I don't know how I'm supposed to feel A C F G My body's cold my guts are twisted steel A C F C And I feel like I'm some kind of Frankenstein A C F C Waiting for a shock to bring me back to life A C F But I don't wanna spend my time A C F F Waiting for lightning to strike. Ohhh... A C F G So underneath the concrete sky A C F G Lucy puts her hand in mine A C F G She says life's a game we're meant to lose A C F G But stick by me and I will stick by you A C F G 'Cause I'm like a Princess in a castle high A C F G Waiting for a kiss to bring me back to life A C F But I don't wanna spend my time A C F F Waiting for just another guy. Ohhh... A C F G A C F G C
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