Jeremy Messersmith - Organ Donor chords version 2

			     Organ Donor - Jeremy Messersmith
Tabbed by: Macflash
Tuning: Standard


D: x 5 7 7 7 5  (Played as a mini-barre with ring finger)
C#: x 4 6 6 6 4 (same as D but a fret lower)
F#m: x x 4 2 2 2 (barre the 2's with your pointer finger)
G#m: 4 x 6 x x x (the only important part is the root note, I think he plays it 
slightly differently)


D C# F#mI was born in a mortuary
G#m C#Full of worry
F#m DIce water in my veins
C# F#mGave my heart in the school library
G#m C# F#mNever knew her name
Same for the next part of the verse, except the very last chord is switched to F# major (played as a normal barre chord) CHORUS:
Bm E F#mSo swing low
Bm C# F#mGrey bones
Bm E F#mI don't know
Bm C# F#mIf I'll ever be whole again
The last time you play the chorus end with F# major in stead of F# minor. Lost my tongue in the sanctuary "Heaven spare me!" Hands raised above my head Sent my brain to the seminary Never seen again... CHORUS Left my spine in the wedding chapel Full of people Feet turning into lead Lost a leg at the iron foundry Where they found me dead Drained my blood at the mortuary No more worry Ice water in my veins Took my bones to the cemetary Where they still remain CHORUS
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