Jeremy Toback - Perfect From The Start tab

Perfect From The Start 
Jeremy Toback (felicity soundtrack)

Em   D    G   Em     G    D

Em     D      G
I was born a fortunate son
Em       G                     D                  
mother gave me all her fear and attention
Em            D             G                    
I worked to prove my worth to everyone
Em            G           D
earned my degree in self-destruction
C         G              D
there is little reward
C         G                 D
for all that glorified pain

G   C       Am             D 
I got this soul search hunger
G    C      Am             D
you got this deep heart desire
              G           C           
though we try to deny
               Am                     D            G       C
we were perfect from the start
Am                    (arpeggio) Em   D   G Em    G  D
perfect from the start
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