Jerrod Niemann - Lover Lover tab version 2

Intro and on throughout the verses as well:

E|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------(3)------------------------------(3)----------------|G|-0----------0--0h2-0--------------0----------0--0h2-0----------|D|-0h2-0------2--------2p0-----0----0h2-0------2--------2p0------| Etc.A|-------2p0--3----------------2----------2p0--3-----------------|E|-----------------------------3---------------------------------|
The Chorus just goes between G and C with kind of an off-beat feel. Personally I think these forms of G and C sound good for the Chorus but hey, it's Do what you think sounds best :D
The G The CE|--3----------3------------|B|--3----------1 (or 3)-----|G|--0----------0------------|D|--0----------2------------|A|--2----------3------------|E|--3-----------------------|
-------HOPE THIS HELPS YOU :D _____ ~ David Smith, FC Friends Band _____
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