Jerrod Niemann – One More Drinkin Song tab

Couldnt find a tab for this so decided to figure it out for myself.
He throws some string slaps in there so if you feel comfortable with it
throw it in but if not it still sounds good. Def. gives more feel though.
As always, h for hammer on and s for slide.

Capo 2nd Fret

e----------------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------0h1----------------------------3-3s1-1s3-1-0--|G--------0-------------------2---2---------0--------2s4---4s2-2s4-2-0--|D--0h2-----0---0--0h2----------------0h2-----0---0---------------------|A------------------------0-----0---------------------------------------|E--3---3-----3----3------------------3---3-----3-----------------------| ^ (string slap)
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