Jerry Garcia And David Grisman - Whisky In The Jar chords

G E As I was a-goin' over Gilgarra mountains
C G I met Colonel Pepper and his money he was counting
G E I drew forth my pistol and I rattled my sabre
C G Saying "stand and deliver, for I am a bold deceiver"
C Musha ringum duram da
G Whack fol de daddy-o
E Whack fol de daddy-o
G D G There's whiskey in the jar
The shining yellow coins did sure look bright and jolly I took the money home and I gave it to my Molly She promised and she vowed that she never would deceive me But the devil's in the women for they never can be easy [chorus] When I awoke between the hours of six and seven Guards were standing 'round me in numbers odd and even I flew to my pistols, but alas I was mistaken I fired off my pistols and a prisoner was taken [chorus] They put me in jail without a judge or jury For robbing Colonel Pepper in the morning so early They didn't take my fist so I knocked down the sentry And I bid a long farewell to that cold penitentiary [chorus] Some take delight in fishing and bowling Others take delight in carriage a-rollin' I take delight in the juice of the barley Courting pretty women in the morning so early [chorus]
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