Jerry Garcia And David Grisman - Shady Grove tab version 2

Here is the melody, in close to its simplest form (chords shown above): Dm C Dm F C Dm C DmE-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|B-----------------|-----------------|-1---------------|-----------------|G-----------------|-----------0-2---|---2-0-2-0-------|-------2-0-------|D-0-0--0-2-0------|-0---0-2-3-------|-----------2-----|-0-2-3-----2--0--|A------------2-3--|-----------------|-------------3---|--------------3/5|E-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
So: Dm C Peaches in the summertime, Dm Dm Apples in the fall, F C If I can't get the girl I love, Dm C Dm Won't have none at all. Chorus: Dm C Shady grove, my true love, Dm Dm Shady grove, I know, F C Shady grove, my true love, Dm C Dm I'm bound for the shady grove. Wish I had a banjo string Made of golden twine Every tune I'd play on it I wish that girl were mine [chorus] Wish I had a needle and thread Fine as I could sew I'd sew that pretty girl to my side And down the road I'd go [chorus] Some come here to fiddle and dance Some come here to tarry Some come here to fiddle and dance I come here to marry [chorus] Every night when I go home My wife, I try to please her The more I try, the worse she gets Damned if I don't leave her [chorus] Fly around, my pretty little miss Fly around, my Daisy Fly around, my pretty little miss Nearly drive me crazy Like many old folk tunes, this song has had many verses over the years. Look em up if want! Hey, even make up new ones, that is how the song was created anyway!
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