Jerry Jeff Walker - Hill Country Rain chords

Hill Country Rain
By Jerry Jeff Walker
TAB'd by Marty LeTendre

C Sometimes I just wake up hummin'
F CFeelin' like the world is right
F C Want to jump right up and take a walk outside
Am And take in the morning light
F G Feel the music running through me
Fmakes me want to dance
CClap my hands & dance
C Sometimes it just takes my lady
F C To smile and make my day complete
F And when she's touching me
CI feel free and easy to be me
Am F GLucky to be alive Feelin' al-right
F F CTake a walk outside Feelin' al-right
C Am F G CPeople they tell me Im liv-ing too fast
C Am F G CSlow down now Jerry boy Take it easy let some of life pass
F G C G G CBut I don t know no other way Got to live it day to day
F G C Bb F C But if I die before my time *When I leave I m leaving nothing be-hind (X2*)
F C F CCause I got a feel-ing Its a Feeling that I can t explain
F C Bb F CIt s like dancing naked In that high hill country rain
G F C I ain't worried 'bout tomorrow I'll get by best I can
D F GLovin' is my will to live It makes me laugh , Want to sing and dance
F CClap my hands, yeah! Take a chance, Come on and dance
C Do do do do do do do do (repeat 2x)
Bb CDo do do do do do do do
Repeat Chorus 2x
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