Stay With Me chords with lyrics by Jesse Barrera for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Jesse Barrera – Stay With Me chords

Intro: E A (2x)									(Capo 3)

Verse 1:
EI think that everybody knows
AWhen they’ve got something right
EI think that everybody feels it
AWhen they don’t even try
F#m G#mBut I got lucky enough to find you
F#m G#mAnd so much of me to give
E I can’t ever find
C#mThe words to say
B AYou changed my life
EIn ways that I can’t explain
EHow lost I was
C#mDon’t need no one
BBut you
A ECan you stay, stay, stay with me
ACan you stay, stay, stay with me
ECan you stay, stay, stay with me
ACan you stay, stay, stay with me
Verse 2:
EI think that everybody hurts
AA little bit everyday
EI think that everybody needs somebody
ATo never ever turn away
Pre-Chorus Chorus Post-Chorus Bridge:
F#mAnd it’s you
G#mI never thought we’d find each other
G#m F#mCan you stay stay stay with me
G#mI see life and love in technicolor
F#m A BNever want to find another
Chorus (2x)
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