Jesse Barrera – I Dont Care chords

                 Jesse Barrera ft. Melissa Polinar, I Don't Care


G C Em Am DE|---3---0---0---0---X---|A|---2---3---2---0---0---|D|---0---2---2---2---0---|G|---0---0---0---2---2---|B|---3---3---3---3---3---|e|---3---3---3---3---3---|
Intro: G C (4x) Verse 1:
G C G C we've been at this for a long time
G C G C keeping me alive - a lifeline
G Cwhen I'm too high you keep me grounded
G C G when I'm stuck on the ground, you take my mind somewhere
C G C far from here
Em we can't quit
G It doesn't matter
C I promise everything's gonna get better
Em G C they're not part of this
G Am Em C I don't care what they're talking about
G Amwe've got a flame
Em i'm not afraid
Cof what they say
G Am Em C I don't care what they say because...
Am G I'm absolutely sure
Ci won't need anything more
D G C G CI left loneliness outside of your door
Verse 2:
G C G C One step closer to the boundary
G C G C between what's certain and the maybe's
G Cwe need to cross that line where no one's
G C got nothing on us
G C G Cthey don't understand - where we've been
Pre-Chorus Chorus Interlude: G Am Em C (4x) bridge:
Am G CI'm not afraid, i'm not afraid of what they say
D I know that we'll be ok
Pre-Chorus Chorus (2x) End: G C (4x) G
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