Jesse Barrera - Sweet Time tab version 2

                        Jesse Barrera, Sweet Time

One of my favourite Songs of Jesse Barrera. The URL, where I tried to here the chords 
out, is down there. If you have any questions to my tab, write me an e-mail (e-mail adress 
down there). Hope you enjoy. =D


Tabbed by: chriscross611


Tuning: Standard

Chords: G# (1)Cm7(2) C#sus4 Fm7 D#m7 G#7 C#m7 A#m7 A#7E|----4-----3-----8-----4-----x-----x-----4-----4-----6-----6----|A|----6-----3-----x-----4-----8-----6-----6-----4-----x-----8----|D|----6-----5-and-8-----6-----x-----x-----4-----6-----6-----6----|G|----5-----3-----8-----5-----8-----6-----5-----4-----6-----7----|B|----4-----4-----x-----6-----8-----6-----4-----5-----x-----6----|e|----4-----3-----x-----4-----x-----x-----4-----4-----x-----6----|
1. Verse/Intro/Interlude: G# Cm7(1)C#sus4 Cm7(2) Fm7 D#m7 G#7 C#sus4 C#m7E|-4--x-----x-----x-8---x-----x-----x-----x-4---x| |x-----x| |x-----x|A|----x-3---x-4---x-----x-8---x-8---x-6---x-----x| |x-4---x| |x-4---x|D|--6-x-----x-----x-8-8-x-----x-----x-----x-4---x| |x-----x|4x |x-----x|4xG|--5-x-3-3-x-5-5-x-8---x-8-8-x-8-8-x-6-6-x-5-5-x| |x-5-5-x| |x-4-4-x|B|----x-4---x-6---x-----x-8---x-8---x-6---x-----x| |x-6---x| |x-5---x|e|----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x| |x-----x| |x-----x|
2. Chorus: A#m7 D#m7 G# F#7E|-6---x-6---x-----x-----x-4---x-4---x-----x-----x|A|-----x-----x-6---x-6---x-----x-----x-8---x-8---x|D|-6-6-x-6-6-x-----x-----x-6-6-x-6-6-x-----x-----x| 2xG|-6---x-6---x-6-6-x-6-6-x-5---x-5---x-8-8-x-8-8-x|B|-----x-----x-6---x-6---x-----x-----x-8---x-8---x|e|-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x|
A#7 C#sus4E|x-6---x| |x-----x|A|x-----x| |x-4---x|D|x-6---x|4x |x-----x|4xG|x-7-7-x| |x-5-5-x|B|x-----x| |x-6---x|e|x-----x| |x-----x|
************************************ | x Mute note ************************************  Songtext: Intro: 1x Verse: (2x) Times are hard for me and you I know It's time for me to let you go To watch you go And I'll sit back and wonder What my life was like When I had your eyes Locked onto mine Oh yeah Chorus: And if you're still waiting I'm sure I'm done debating If it's right to love you If I could only repay you For taking up all your sweet time For taking up all your sweet time Intro: 1x Verse: (2x) And if I had to second guess I'd still be stuck in our mess My regrets are something I will always have And I will sit back And I'll wonder What my life was like When I had your lips On my finger tips Oh yeah Chorus Interlude: 2x Chorus (2x) End: Strum G#
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