Jesse Barrera - I Used To Be A Devil tab

I Used To Be A Devil

Standard Tuning


e---x---x---x---x---|B---x---x---3---x---|G---2---2---3---2---| 1x for introD---2---3---3---2---| 2x for verseA---x---1---x---x---|E---1---x---3---1---|
e---x---x---x---x---|B---3---x---x---x---|G---3---2---2---2---| 3x then go to intro again and repeat.D---3---3---2---3---|A---x---1---x---1---|E---3---x---1---x---|
I learned a different arrangement so sorry if it sounds strange, I normally play it frets up. hope I helped email at for any questions
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