Jesse Clegg - In Black And White chords

I hope you guys like the tab.
Intro: C
CLocket with a photo
Photo of a girl Frozen in a moment baby Looking at the world Chorus:
Am FEverything goes black and white
Am FHold your hands up to the light
G Dm I need to know
AmIf you do or you don't
FYou will or you won't
CCast it to the ocean
Throw it to the sea Memories a lifeboat baby Drift away from me Bridge:
C Am FTell me all that you know
C Am FYou'll see a falling star
C Am FHold me don't let me go
(Can you feel it, do you know itís true)
C Am FFalling free as we fall apart
(Can you feel it, do you know itís true, can you feel it coming) Chords by Jesse Ekkerd
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