Jesse Mccartney - One Night chords

Jesse Mccartney
One Night
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C -  x32010
Em - 022000
Am - x02210
G -  320003
F -  133211

Intro: C-Em-Am-F- x2

Verse 1:
C Em What would you do if I gave it all to
Am Fyou and I traded in the limelight?
C Em What would you say if I threw it all
Am Faway just to be with you for one night?
Refrain 1:
Am GWhat would I turn your head back?
FWould you take my hand?
AmCause you knocked my senseless
F GGirl I will do anything
CFor just one night
EmWe only got one night
AmIím looking in your eyes
FTheyíre taking me over
CGirl just one night
EmWeíve only got one night
AmTill we see the sunrise
FBefore itís all over
C GTonight fades away
Am FIn my arms you will stay
CFor this one night
EmWeíve only got one night
AmThis is our last night
FBefore itís all over
Post chorus:
C EmWhoa oh oh oh
Am FWhoa oh oh oh
Verse 2:
C Em What if I told you that I have always
Am Floved you and never got a fair shot?
C Em What if you knew that when I look
Amat you with someone else
Fit makes my heart stop?
Refrain 2:
Am GBut would you keep me chasing?
FWould you play it cool?
Am GGirl wonít you give me something?
F GCause Iíve given everything
(Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Post Chorus) Bridge:
Am F I canít find peace without you
G Em I canít feel nothing when youíre gone
Am F I want this earth to find you
Em Now here we are
(Repeat Chorus) Breakdown: C(hold) Outro: C-Em-Am-F- x4, C(hold)
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