Jesse Mccartney – Ill Try chords ver. 2

I've tried all of the other versions of this song, but only this one sounds right. Enjoy!

Capo 1

Bm G Bm GI am not a child now I can take care of myself I mustn't let them down now
E G DMustn't let them see me cry I'm fine, I'm fine
Bm G Bm GI'm too tired to listen I'm too old to believe All these childish stories
E G DThere is no such thing as faith And trust and pixie dust
A GI try But it's so hard to believe
Bm E G Gm DI try But I can't see what you see I try, I try, I try...
Bm G Bm GMy whole world is changing I don't know where to turn I can't leave you waiting
E G DBut I can't stay and watch this city burn Watch it burn
A G'Cause I try But it's so hard to believe
Bm E G Gm I try But I can't see where you see I try, I try
Bm G AI try and try to understand The distance in between
Bm G GmThe love I feel and the things I fear And every single dream
Bm G Bm GI can finally see it Now I have to believe All those precious stories
E G DAll the world is made of... Faith, and trust... and pixie dust
A G Bm ESo, I'll try Because I finally believe I'll try, cuz I can see what you see
G Gm Bm A G Gm DI'll try, I'll try I'll try... To fly
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