Jessica Lea Mayfield – Out Hearts Are Wrong chords

			     OUR HEARTS ARE WRONG - Jessica Lea Mayfield

Tabbed by: Erik  deVries

Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)


C/G   A   C/G   A


C/G A GHate has brought me up
C/G A Gthe stairs into your house
C/G A GI’ll not let hate be
C/G A G The one to make me make it for you
C/G A G My self esteem
C/G A G is heating up the room
C/G A G You’re intimidating as all hell
C/G A GBut I ain’t scared of you
C/G AI am just like you
C/G A No matter what you say
C/G AOur hearts are wrong
C/G A Our hearts are wrong
Love has brought me down Like love's been known to do I tried to deny with all my heart That I am in love with you I don’t really care You knew that's what I'd say The only time I miss you Is every single day I know how you work I am just like you No matter what you say Our hearts are wrong Our hearts are wrong
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