Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair tab

Title: A Public Affair
Artist: Jessica Simpson
Tabbed By: Valera , Charlie Edsel
     Mga tol madali lang to . . . 
madali lang naman ang pag strum
Meron kasi akong CD na to kaya pag nakikinig 
ako eh sinsabayan ko
Sa pagtugtod  . . . 
just wanna say hi to my Batch at Holy Cross 
Lagangilang ung mga asteeg na mga tol at mga mhal  . . .
     Siguro mga 90% correct tong tab na basta , , , 
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Intro: G-A-F#m-Bm (6x)
cp G-A-F#m-Bm
There go the street lights
The night's officially on
I got the green light
To do whatever I want
I'm gonna stand outside the box
And put the rules on hold
Carte blanche
       F#m             A
First class for the evening
G    F#m A
Ready set go
cp G-A-F#m-Bm
All the irls stepping out for a public affair
All night, let's rock
Cause the party don't stop
You know the camera's 
Come out for a public affair
Who care's lets rock
Cause the party don't stop
(cp G-A-F#m)
Hey, baby
I see you looking over here baby
Are you gonna keep looking
Or get up and talk to me
Here's an oppurtunity
That you don't want to miss
(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus 2x)
G            A
Do what you wanna do
Bm                   G-F#m Bm
Tonight the world does not exist nononono
G                   A
Move how how you wanna move
Bm                       G-F#m       Bm
All my girls work it out like like this
Give me room to
Shake, shake, shake
(Repeat Chorus 2x)
cp G-A-F#m-Bm
all night
I want
Don't stop
Who cares
Let's rock
All night
Don't stop
Who care's
Let's rock
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