Jessie Daniels - The Noise tab

Intro: B5
B5       G5            D5          A5  
Here we go one more time out the door to face the crowd
 B5             G5              D5          A5            E5    
I can't think straight or concentrate surrounded by the sounds
Of a world that deafening above everything 

            D5       G5
I hear your voice coming through the static
D5                     A5 
It's so automatically loud and clear
D5           G5                            F#5 
It's you and things that used to matter suddenly just scatter
E5              G5                 D5 B5 A5  D5 B5 A5
When you break through the Noise 

Verse 2: Same as 1st verse

I don't know why I don't know how it's so easy to forget 
And fall back in so I start listening to something that was said 
In a world thats deafening above everything 

Then she says this:
Through the Noise everything disappears but Your voice
(Play the D5 B5 A5 over and over)

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