Big White Room tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Jessie J - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jessie J – Big White Room tab ver. 2



VERY simple/beautiful song to play (power chords are simple,however their names dont 
look pretty).
This version I figured out from Jessie J's guitarist in the following youtube video:
Tried to explain the strumming/picking as simple as possible- sounds better with a plectrum
(FOR BEGINNERS: D=down strum & U=up strum & ^= hammer)
Any problems with strumming- consult the video :)


EM7omit3 E5 DM7sus2add6 E7sus4 Aadd2e|-0-| e|-0-| e|-0-| e|-0-| e|-0-|B|-0-| B|-0-| B|-0-| B|-0-| B|-0-|G|-8-| G|-9-| G|-6-| G|-7-| G|-6-|D|-9-| D|-9-| D|-7-| D|-7-| D|-7-|A|-7-| A|-7-| A|-5-| A|-5-| A|-7-|E|-X-| E|-X-| E|-X-| E|-X-| E|-5-|
D U U D U U De|-0----0-0--0-----0-0--0---------------|B|-0----0-0--0-----0-0--0---------------|G|-8^9--9-9--8-----8-8--8---------------|D|-9----9-9--9-----9-9------------------| X2A|-7----7-7--7-----7-7------------------|E|-X----X-X--X-----X-X------------------|
D U U (DUUD)e|-0----0-0--0-------------------------|B|-0----0-0--0-------------------------|G|-6^7--7-7--6-------------------------|D|-7----7-7--7-------------------------|A|-5----5-5--5-------------------------|E|-X----X-X--X-------------------------|
D (UUDU)e|------------0---0--------------------|B|------------0---0--------------------|G|---6--------6---6--------------------|D|-----7----------7--------------------|A|-------7--------7--------------------|E|-5-------5------5--------------------|
repeat this throughout the song For the last part (to make it simpler)you can just strum (DUUD) on Aadd2 chord instead of picking IF you want. ************************************************************* ...OR SIMPLY PLAY... (SIMILAR- not the same -to the tab above) EM7omit3(E5) E5 x2 DM7sus2add6(E7sus4) E7sus4 Aadd2 EM7omit3(E5) = change from EM7omit3 to E5 by hammering with pinky finger on the G string 8^9 same applies for DM7sus2add6(E7sus4) just hammer on G string 6^7 WITH LYRICS EM7omit3(E5) E5 EM7omit3(E5) Sitting in a big white room alone, E5 Tilt my head back DM7sus2add6(E7sus4) E7sus4 Aadd2 and feel the tears roll dow-------------------------------n. More lyrics:
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