Jessie J – Whos Laughing Now chords ver. 2

Hi everyone! This is my first time doing this so I hope the chords are good and that it 
will help :) This song is one of my favorites and it means a lot to me. Hope you enjoy! :)

***Note*** THE CHORDS ARE Am F C G THROUGH ALL THE SONG (Verses, Pre-Chorus, Chorus and 
Bridge) But if you don't know when to play the chords, check out my tab :)


                     WHO'S LAUGHING NOW - Jessie James

Tabbed By: IAmFreeBird

Verse 1:

Am F Mummy they called me names, they wouldn't let me play
C G I'd run home, sit and cry almost everyday
Am F 'Hey Jessica, you look like an alien
C G With green skin you don't fit in this playpen'
Am F Oh they pulled my hair, they took away my chair
C G I'd keep it in and pretend that I didn't care
Am F 'Hey Jessica, you're so funny
C G You've got teeth just like bugs bunny'
Am F Oh, so you think you know me now
C G Have you forgotten how, you would make me feel
Am When you dragged my spirit down
F But thank you for the pain
C It made me raise my game
G And I'm still rising, I'm still rising - Yeah Yeah
Am F So make your jokes, go for broke
C G Blow your smoke, you're not alone
Am F C G But who's laughing now - But who's laughing now
Am F So raise the bar, hit me hard
C G Play your cards, be a star
Am F C G But who's laughing now - But who's laughing now
Verse 2:
Am F Cause I'm in L.A, you think I've made my fame
C G FB makes us friends, when you only really know my name
Am F 'Oh Jessie, we knew you could make it
C G I've got a track and I'd love you to take it'
Am F So now because I'm signed, you think my pockets lined
C G Four years now and I'm on still waiting in the line
Am F 'Oh Jessie, I saw you on Youtube
C G I tagged old photos from when we was at school'
Pre-Chorus: Am F C G Chorus: Am F C G Bridge:
Am F Jessie, she broke outta the box
C G Swallowed your pride, you got that ego cough
Am F C G Let the haters hate, you're like way too late
Am F Click click to see I got a message from you
C G Am F 'Hola, I'm proud of you' - 'Oh my god babe your voice is like wow!'
C G My reply: Who's laughing now
Pre-Chorus: Am F C G Chorus: (x2) Am F C G
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