Jesus And Mary Chain - Happy Place chords

Great song, i'll tab the solo later, hope you enjoy

Jesus and Mary Chain - Happy Place
From the album Barbed Wire Kisses


Intro: (relative to capo)

--------------------------|--------------------------|4--2-----2-4--4-2-2----2--| x3------4-------------4-----|--------------------------|--------------------------|
AI'm going back to a happy place
BAll my life I've lived to taste
D E A ESomeone else's flavours on my tongue
ACherry take me back to the start of it all
BWhere everyone's up then everyone falls
D E A EAlmost could destroy me with her kiss
A BOh, I wish that I could feel
DAnd I feel too real
A EFor this grey moat
A BAnd me, I'm drifting like the sun
D A EDown on everyone, the TV sky
ASave me
BCome and save me
DCome on touch me
ECome on and touch me
ACome on hold me
BCome on and hold me
D E A EI live my life for something I can't see
D E ALet me take you in my summer dream
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