Jesus And Mary Chain – Here Comes Alice tab ver. 2

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Here Comes Alice

by William Reid and Jim Reid
performed by The Jesus and Mary Chain on the album Automatic

This song pretty much summarizes the history of male/female relationships
during the past 2000 years of western civilization.   :^)

Bb Eb F1------3----1-----------------------|3------4----1-----------------------|3------3----2-----------------------|3------5----3-----------------------|1-----------3-----------------------|------------1-----------------------|
Obviously, you can capo 1st fret Bb=A, Eb=D, and F=E. Intro Bb Eb F Bb Bb Eb F Bb Here she comes walking down the street Bb Eb F Bb She's got something you would love to meet Bb Eb F Bb It's her heart, and her heart is black Bb Eb F Bb Think of ice cream sliding into a crack Bb Eb F Bb Bb Eb F Bb Bb Eb F Bb The heat sticks to the summer's heavy sweat Bb Eb F Bb Hang around, it'll get hotter yet Bb Eb F Bb You got the shakes and its gonna get worse Bb Eb F Bb Don't you know it's all part of the curse Bb Eb F Bb Bb Eb F Bb Bb Eb F Bb She's got the hit that takes you into space Bb Eb F Bb Suck mud and make a deal for that taste Bb Eb F Bb You got nothing, but you're riding on a star Bb Eb F Bb you couldn't guess that she could take you that far Instrumental Bb Eb F Bb Bb Eb F Bb Bb Eb F Bb Bb Eb F Bb F Bb Eb F Bb Some things are so hard to say Bb Eb F Bb Even though you'd say them every day Bb Eb F Bb Don't let your life be the butt of a joke Bb Eb F Bb F Bb Get your lips around a cool black Pepsi Coke (Random sincere emoting .......) Bb Eb F Bb Bb Eb F Bb Here she comes Bb Eb F Bb ah ah Bb Eb F Bb Alice Oh oh Alice
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