Jesus Culture – Holding Nothing Back chords

Holding Nothing Back by Jesus Culture

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Intro: A C# B

EI am chosen, I am free
C#I am living for eternity
BFree now forever
EYou picked me up,
Turned me around
C#You set my feet on solid ground
BYours now forever
A C# BAnd nothing's gonna hold me back
Nothing's gonna hold me back
A C# ENothing's gonna hold me back
EMy chains fell off
Emaj7My heart was free
C#I'm alive to live for You
BI'm alive to live for You
E Emaj7Amazing Love, how can it be?
C#You gave everything for me
BYou gave everything for me
Verse You washed my sin and shame away The slate is clean: a brand new day, Free now forever Now boldly I approach Your throne To claim this crown through Christ my own Yours now forever Break E C# B x2 Bridge x3
AI'm free to live
BFree to give X2
C#Free to be
I'm free to love You
AI’m free to live
BFree to give
C#Free to be
EI’m free to love you Lord
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