Jesus Culture - Come Away chords

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Really great worship song that shows a different side of God's heart than we normally think of.

Chords Used: (This is only going to help you if you play it in the key of C [the one that Jesus Culture plays it in]) Csus4 C Am F G G/Be|---1-----0----0-----1----3----------|B|---1-----1----1-----1----3-----0----|G|---0-----0----2-----2----0-----0----|D|---3-----2----2-----3----0-----0----|A|---3-----3----0-----3----2-----2----|E|--------------------1----3-----3----|
Csus4 C AmCome away with me, Come away with me
F CIt's never too late, it's not too late
GIt's not too late for you
Csus4 CI have a plan for you
AmI have a plan for you
FIt's gonna be wild
CIt's gonna be great
GIt's gonna be full of me
F C G/B Open up your heart and let me in
And that's it! God bless. :)
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