Jesus Culture - Heaven Is Here chords version 1

Amwe wont stop cryin out to Him
CCuz He hears us everytime
F C GYa, He hears us everytime
Amwe wont stop pouring out our love to Him
CCuz He loves us everytime
F C GYa He loves us everytime
FWake up the normal life
C/E GYou can do whatever You want to
F C/EShake up eternal sight
G Because we want You (turn Am C F ) (verse 2)
AmWe wont stop going after Him
Ccuz He meets us everytime
F C GYa He meets us everytime
AmWe wont stop living only for Him
CCuz Hes faithful everytime
F C GYa Hes faithful everytime
F C GHeaven is here now Hes all around us
F C GHeaven is Jesus, Its the moments we meet
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