Jesus Culture – Rain Down chords

 Rain Down - Jesus Culture <3
They may be wrong, sortof a five minute job, but they're okay on my keys, if a 
chord doesn't fit replace it with either C, G, Am, or F kayy :L x

Am Flooks like tonight, the sky is heavy
Am F Feels like the winds are gonna change
Am FBeneath my feet, the earth is ready
Am FI know its time for heaven's rain, it's gonna rain
FCos its living water we desire to flood our hearts with holy fire
CRain down, all around the world we're singing
Am/FRain down can you here the earth is singing
CRain down all around your people singing
Am/F Rain down rain it down on me.
Back to the start, my heart is heavy Feels like its time, to dream again I hear Your voice, and yes I'm ready To live the life to sing Your song, to sing Your song Yes I belong
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