Jesus Culture – The Anthem chords

Am FI can hear the footsteps of my King
C GI can hear His heartbeat beckoning
Am FIn my darkness He has set me free
C GAnd now I hear the Spirit calling me
AmWake up child
FIt's your time to shine
C GYou were born for such a time as this
Am FI can hear a holy rumbling
C GI've begun to preach another King
Am FLoosing chains and breaking down the walls
C GI want to hear the Father when He calls
AmThis is the anthem of our generation
FHere we are God, shake our nation
CAll we need is Your love
GYou captivate me
AmI am royalty
FI have destiny
AmI have been set free
FI'm gonna shape history
AmI'm gonna change the world
FI'm gonna change the world
CI'm gonna change the world
GI'm gonna change the world
***** on the CD the first couple of times through they just hold the Am for all four lines then rock back and forth between the Am and F*******
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