Jesus Culture – My Everything chords ver. 2

Intro: B F# E (2x)

B F# EYou are my light, my breath of life, I trust in you
B F# EYou fill my heart, set me apart, I'm found in you
Pre Chorus:
C#mYou are my desire
F# EYou are the holy fire, that burns in me
C#mThe lover of my soul
F# E F#You don't let go, you've made your home in me
BYou are my everything
F# EAll I need is in You
BAnd all I have
F# E F#All I am is in You, it's in You
Intro: (1x) Verse 2: You overflow, my heart and soul, wash over me I feel You now, Your love surrounds, and covers me Pre Chorus: (1x) Chorus: (2x) Bridge:
E F# G#/EYou are my desire, You are my reward
F# C#mYou are my desire, all I'm living for
E F# G#/EYou're all I want, You are everything
F# C#mYou are my desire, come and burn in me
Intro: (2x) Chorus: (2x) Then they do the bridge and chorus again, long song! Not real sure on the bridge chords but sould get you close.
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