Jesus Culture - Father Of Lights chords

Father of Lights - Jesus Culture
From the album "Awakening Live from Chicago"

Bm Fm A D A

Verse 1:
Bm Fm A D A Like a flame, love burned in Your eyes
Bm Fm A D ADriving You to pay the greatest price
Bm Fm A D AYou bought my life, so I could be a light
Bm Fm A Reflecting You, reflecting love
Em D AEverything good comes from You, Father of Lights
Em D AYour love will always pierce through the darkest night
GLove has a voice
DLove has a name
Bm AJesus, Jesus
GYour love is a light
DFilling my eyes
Bm AJesus, Jesus
Verse 2:
Bm Fm A D AYou bore the weight, of death upon Your heart
Bm Fm A D AAnd Your last breath tore the veil apart
Bm Fm A D AYou made a way, for me to walk in grace
Bm G A So I could love You, face to face
D G I will never be the same
A DLove has called my name
G AFrom the ashes, I rise to proclaim
Bm GYour love is undefeated
D A BmForever You will reign
G D AJustice has won again
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