Holy Spirit Live tab with lyrics by Jesus Culture - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jesus Culture – Holy Spirit Live tab

Tabbed By: Tadd Steffner
Email: Taddsteffner@gmail.com
Please enjoy. This is absolutely correct. The live version is in the key of G. 
Feedback is nice too. :)   

Intro. (Goes through verse 1 and 2 until chorus)


e -------------------|--2-------------------|B -----------3-------|-----3-----3----------|G -----2--------2----|--------------2-----2-| x2D --0-----0--------0-|--------0--------0----|A -------------------|----------------------|E -------------------|----------------------|
[G]e -------------------|--2-------------------|B -----------0-------|-----0-----0----------|G -----0--------0----|--------------0-----0-| x2D --0-----0--------0-|--------0--------0----|A -------------------|----------------------|E -------------------|----------------------|
Chorus: D Holy Spirit You are welcome here G Em Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere D Your glory God is what our hearts long for G Em To be overcome by Your presence Lord. Bridge: D Let us become more aware of Your presence G Let us experience the glory of Your goodness
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