Jesus Lizard – And Then The Rain tab

This song has more than one guitar part in it but I've tabbed it for one guitar by 
in drop D and playing the riff thats in the verse within the bar chords.

Tabbed by: Jacob Wilksch

Tuning: Drop D

 This Riff runs through the whole first verse:

Take this salesman for example A selfless act of bravery Now he's rewarded with free favours Luck smiled at him and he smiled back Then before the chorus it alternates between some version of Dm and C, but I'm not sure. Bm G And then the rain Bm G And then the rain A Bm And then the rain G A Beats down on me The second verse is slightly different when he starts singing
Take this proud father for example His son means the whole world to him Take this junkie for example Spoiled rotten since his childhood Well thats practically it, there are little variations in the song but you get the beat work them out quite easily from this.
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