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From: (KARPIS)
Date: 9 Jul 1995 17:09:28 -0400

"Salvsehip"  by the Jesus Lizard from the album LIAR
words and music the Jesus Lizard (1992)

transcription by Eddie Rivas

This is the Jesus Lizard's Slaveship as far as I can tell.

Some things to keep in mind are, to keep the notes ringing together at
times especially at the end of the "riffs" and during the second part you
should hold down the two notes on the 3rd frets  (e and B strings) with
you first finger so that it's like a capo, which allows the piece to be
played while letting the notes ring out. (I know it sounds confusing but
try it and you'll see what I mean).  Anyway, the arrangement isn't hard to
figure out so I'll leave that up to you. Have fun with it and email me if
you're a Jesus Lizard fan.

Heres the weird chord [E something] (I don't know the name) for the weird
bridge or whatever.

EADGBe      sometimes hit the open E string and open B string
x223xx       depnding on what you think sounds better.

First parte------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------------|D-----4---3------3---2--------0------------------|A-0-2--2----0-2---2---0-2-0----------------------|E------------------------------------------------|
second parte-------7--6------6-5-----3------------------------|B--3-5---5---3-5--5--3-5---------------------------|G--------------------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------|
third parte---------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------|A-----4--3------3--2--------0-----------------------|E-0-2--2---0-2---2---0-2-0--------------------------|
fourth part (usually comes in after third part to reintrduce first part)e---------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------------------|D------2-----------2-------------2------------------|A--0-2--2-4---0-2--2-4-----0-2--2-------------------|E---------------------------------------------------|
Well there it is I hope you enjoy it. Please email if you have any Jesus Lizard or denison/kimball trio songs transcribed or bootlegs for that matter. p.s we need a drummer (Los Angeles) so if you know anyone into The Jesus Lizard, Cows, Unsane, Melvins, Slug and genreally noiesy bands who's interested in having fun and making msuic plese let me know. "Just when you're about to learn how to smile again I'm going to be the one who teaches you how to cry" - elegy, the Jesus Lizard
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