Jesus Lizard – Wheel Chair Epidemic tab

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Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 19:33:24 -0400
From: Dave & Marilyn Randall 
Subject: Jesus Lizard song  "Wheel chair Epidemic"

  Here's a cool but easy song for you guys out in guitar land.Well i'll give you the chords.Use these it 
you a heavier sound .So crank your amp loud and here WE GOOOOOOOO!!!!!

   You use the Em and the C for the intro and the verse and the part of the song were they sing "head 
up".The next part in "ah ah ah ah" you use the other two chords D and A.I'm not sure about the solo but just 
work work with the tones or just improv the solo i'm sure it'll come out nice.

   Jesus Lizard is a weird fucked up band but they have there talent which with there weed and beer makes 
stage shows crazy.Well anyway send any corrections or if any one wants to do the solo be my guest into me 


          " Wheel Chair Epidemic"

           Head up (6x)
 verse one:
           your words are broken,you got the flu
           that car is smoking,your times are through
 pre chorse:
           your body's aching you need a rest......i said
 chorse:aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha
            head up(7x)
 verse two:
            hey everybody your all fucked up
            have you been smoking pot your in a rut
 repeat pre chorse
 repeat chorse
 Head up(6x)
  last verse:
             your hands are too big to close the plastic
             are you stupid man or just a FAG!
  repeat pre chorse
  repeat chorse

 This is my first tab that i sent out so i'm sorry if i made any mistakes and please feel free to crrect 
have fun it's and awesome songhope you injoy.

  P.S if anyone has any tabs for any songs by Paw,Seaweed,Treepeople please send them in please.
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