Jet – Shiny Magazines tab

Shiny Magazines
by JET
(C. Cester, S. Hesketh)

This is my first tab and this should be correct

Verse 1:

C          Em
I saw your face, 
     Am           Em
In a pretty magazine
C                Em 
But you dont even know, 
           F              G 
Where you are or what you seen

C          Em
Why do you lie, 
        Am              Em
Do you need to fill us with fear
C                 Em
What on earth you do
         F                 G
I would used to look up to you


C           G             Am
      Oh my God I know to well
             Em               F     
Being this sweet just doesn’t sell if you got 
G               C       G   
Better things to do
C        G                   Am
I tried along the mile to think 
            Em            F 
The photograph's that I refused to take of
G             C                G
Will it never end?

Verse 2: 

C       Em
We are alone
   Am            Em
Departed from my bones
C                  Em
What's its worth to you?
         F                 G
I would used to look up to you


C          G             Am
     Oh my God I know to well
           Em               F            
Being this sweet just doesnt sell if you got 
G                C     G
Better things to do


Am       Em             
    Am I hurting again?
Am       G                  
    Am I hurting again?
C           Em               Am           Em                  
    Tell me how to live my life      Oooooohh
Dm                                  G
                   The sun is shining down


Am Em Am G
C Em Am Em    Dm              G
                   The sun is shining down

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Repeat bridge



(He plays with a slide)

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